Caption Help and Information

I have recently added the capability to post captions to most of the photos on the website, I hope this will allow people to enjoy it even more! Here you can find help on how to add captions as well and some information and a warning...

Adding a caption

Adding a caption is easy, go to the page where the photo is displayed (i.e. find the album where the photo is stored and then click on the thumbnail or search for a photo, both of the these can be done from the main Photo Page).

If it is possible to add captions for the photos (this applies to most but not all photos) then there is a link at the bottom allowing you to add a caption to that photo, this will take you a form (with a display of the photo) which you fill in and click submit. Note that you must supply a name and you can't submit blank captions

Other Information

Remember that, if you are reading captions, then I almost certainly haven't posted it (I will always use the name LazyJames). I also do not modify or moderate captions. If you find something that offends you or think should be removed then please e-mail

Be Warned: if this facility is abused or there is too much slagging then I will have to start moderating captions before they get displayed, you may have to register and login to use it or I may remove it completely. Be nice people!

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