I'm James Wells and I've managed to get to the ripe old age of 24 with only a few scars on my body (and my mind). I graduated with an MEng in Electronic Engineering from Edinburgh University a couple of years ago and I now work for Wolfson Microelectronics.

I am a member of the Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club, Rosie says that they're actually a 'dodgy S+M club behind the scenes', my photos will confirm this. Over the last 10 years I have occasionally gone climbing.


You can get in touch with the following e-mail addresses:

For website related stuff please use: webmaster@lazyjames.co.uk

For person stuff please use: me@lazyjames.co.uk

I'm on ICQ, my UIN is 120061899 and I am ICQ Status.

I've also got a Hotmail id so you can get me on MSN Messanger: jimbo_wells@hotmail.com

I've recently got a Jabber id: lazyjames@jabber.org, so you can talk to me that way too.


This site is hosted on my own Virtual Linux host with ByteMark and came into being on the 3rd January 2002

Most of the older photos on the site were taken by me with a JVC GC-X1 digital still camera which looks like this which I won in an Observer Sport Monthly photo competition. You can see the photo here. I bought myself an Olympus Mju 800 for Christmas.


Does there really have to be a reason?

NB: If you are having problems when searching for photos then there is a separate help page.

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