There are just a few links for now, but I suspect this page will grow... If you find any broken links or want your site added here then please tell me. You will also find a few links in my WebLog to sites that I have included in there.

Other sites by me:

The Beast - The project that I was working on over this summer while on an MoD sponsored, engineering course.

Family Photos - Some photos from when my mum, my sister and I went to visit my grandad. This will soon be superceded by the photos section.

Old Photo Site - My old photo website with photos from my Hot Rock trip to Africa in 1999 and some pictures from my first year at uni. This will soon be superceded by the photos section.

Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club - the club site which I revamped last summer.

The Logbook - A climbing logbook set-up for the EUMC. The original version was written by Rab, this is an updated version written by me and hosted on LayzJames. - The Dalchonzie fruit farm website. - Mum and Nev's new website.

Entanglement - Richard's (my step-brother) band

Electronic Engineering 2004 - Contact details for my Edinburgh University graduating class, there is a username and password to stop spammers, email me if you want them.

E5Events - Mountaineering lectures in Edinburgh organised by Es

Lean Green Consulting - Es' Environmental Consulting business

Bolton Village Hall - Our local village hall, available for hire for band practices, meetings, parties, etc.


Lavender Barn - The B & B run by Kim's parents

Kim - Various Yummick and holiday photos.

ManiacYak - my flatmate, Ian's, website.

GingerBint - Elspeth's very small website!

Mike Wells is also known as 'my dad' and this is his page at the University of Sheffield!

Tom Thorpe asked me to put some photos up from Skye last year

Dave Noake is another member of the EUMC with a photo website.

Jane Gill - I've put up a little page with some of my mum's photos on it (now there's a new site).

Ella - Ella got hold of my new Graphics Tablet and produced these drawings

The Steviant likes to moan about stuff

Winter Sun - my flatmate Rik has an excellent photo blog

Es On Ice - Es' blog and photos


HotRock - The website of the HotRock climbing expedition that I went on in 1999

Project Las Piedras - A rainforest project based in Peru and undertaken by some students from Edinburgh and elsewhere (I am not involved but a friend is!).

SummitPost - Is a forum for a web-based community of climbers to provide and share information and photos. It also has some of my photos on it here

Outside - This is the climbing shop where I worked on my year out. If you browse around for long enough you'll see some of my photos eventually!

The 'No Chipping' Campaign The No Chipping Campaign is a campaign by to stop chipping of holds when rock climbing as this damages the climbs for future generations

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