Friday, October 19 2007...

The Secret History

A shameless plug for my brother Richard's band: The Secret History, there's a load of new songs on their MySpace page a they've even made a music video... weird but great!

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Wednesday, November 15 2006...


And another thing...

Seeing as Rik has already let the cat out of the bag, Es has another new website, designed my me and the sister site of E5Events: Es-On-Ice.co.uk will be a collection of Es' photos and articles.

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Big Raise (sore legs)

My brother Richard (he of Entanglement fame!) is planning on running the London Marathon this year in aid of Motor Neurone Disease. You can see more at his new website.

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Thursday, October 26 2006...


I forgot to mention a few weeks ago that my brother's band, Entanglement, has had split up as most of the band have moved to different parts of the country. They still have an Entanglement MySpace site and I have mirrored their main site.

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Monday, October 9 2006...


For the last few months I've been working on a couple of new websites for Es and the first one is now ready: E5Events has information about upcoming mountaineering lectures in Edinburgh organised by Es.

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Friday, September 29 2006...

Mean Green

I've been to Jitsu now for about a year at the Gorgie Club, last night I succeeded in getting my Green belt :-)

I'm finding Jitsu strangely addictive, and I'm definitely doing it more for the enjoyment value than for self-defence. If anyone fancies a go then just turn up at the club on a Monday or Wednesday night.

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Wednesday, September 20 2006...

Empire Glade

My Mum found this account of my Grandad's uncle (J B Parker) helping to save the Empire Glade war transport in 1942, for which he received an OBE.

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Monday, September 4 2006...

We're in!

Well Kim and I finally got the keys at 2:30pm on Friday... only a day and a bit late! The last few days have been spent moving lots of boxes up lots of stairs, honestly I feel as if I've run a marathon or something! Thanks must got o Rik and Ricard (Kim's uncle) for helping with the moving.

We've also managed to buy all of the furniture that we need and shift that up the stairs, the kitchen is unpacked and looking lovely (I'll post some photos when the internet connections gets moved to the new flat) and most of the rest of the flat is in a pretty good state - we can even see the living room floor now!

Back to work today, it feels like I've been away for a lifetime..!

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