Hollywood - a step too far

Posted at 15:8:53, 27/5/2002

Hollywood are taking Copyright protection to whole new levels. They are proposing to add a 'cop chip' to all analogue to digital converters (the chips that are built into all digital devices that process an analogue signal, e.g. digital scanners, samplers, thermometers, seismographs, mice and other pointer devices, camcorders, cameras, microscopes, telescopes, etc., etc.) which would prevent any of these devices from processing any signal that had a copyright watermark attached to it. Inpractical and frightening in it's scope to say the least.
They also propose banning production of any digital media device that has not been approved by Hollywood and re-designing the enitire internet to make it more difficult to share potentially copyrighted information.
These proposals affect not only illegal activities but also a huge number of legal activities. You can find more discussion of the subject in this thread at MeFi.


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