End of revision hell..!

Posted at 10:19:31, 9/6/2002

They seemed to be lasting forever, but finally exams are over (for me anyway!). I actually only had three but they were all three hours long and there were three subjects per exam so it was more like nine exams, no really!
Friday was actually quite a good day in the end. It started off well when I got woken up by a mouse in my room. This sounds bad, but really cheered me up because it had managed to find some old oatcakes in a red box in my room but then couldn't get out of the box, it just kept hopping up and down!
The next part of the day was my last exam which went quite well, however, the best bit was definitely beating Argentina, and obviously drinking lots of beer :-)
The end of the day wasn't quite so good when I was dancing away at the Potterrow (That's a crap link because the Potterrow main site isn't working). The lens fell out of my glasses but, being a bit wasted, I didn't notice - I thought the blurred world was just because I drank too many pints! I eventually found the lens at the end of the night but it had been trampled and I had to buy a new one :-(


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