Posted at 14:32:51, 10/10/2002

Right, I'm still being lame about posting so here's lots of thing at once. I have a reasonable excuse as this is the term from hell because I've got finals in January (although I still have two years left as then I have an 8 month industrial placement at QinetiQ).

I've also just bought a new computer (with this wonderful Lian-Li case) which has taken up a considerable number of hours over the last few days, mainly because it kept crashing. Fingers crossed I've fixed the problem now but it's still a pain in the arse!

I even managed to go climbing (or rather go gibbering) at Dunkeld on Saturday where I shook a lot on some VSs (the effect of bolt clipping for three weeks and then trying to trad climb... no really!).

Oh yes, and I went to see Road to Perdition which was pretty good.


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