The shit is about to hit the fan

Posted at 18:46:25, 17/3/2003

Plenty has been written about the subject of Iraq all over the internet but I thought I'd add my 2p's worth as we seem to have reached the end of the line as far as a peaceful solution goes.

Before all this started I had a reasonable amount of faith that the current government would 'do the right thing', whatever that entailed, but that faith is rapidly diminishing. I fully appreciate that when you elect the Prime Minister (and no moaning about "I didn't vote for him" - the majority did and that's how a democracy works) you put your trust their ability to govern. The Prime Minister cannot be expected to ask every member of the population of their opinion every time they are expected to make a decision - their ability of Blair to make decisions on his own is part of his job. But, whatever Blair has tried to say, Iraq is not an emergency situation. There is no rush if the goal is long term stability and disarmament - there is only a rush if the only goal is to get a war over with before Bush' election year. We're in no current danger and won't be for the forseeable future so Blair should listen to what the people are saying - at the moment he refuses to even listen to his own cabinet.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Saddam Hussein - he's systematically oppressed and murdered his own people for many years, but this is not being used as the basis for war. If the main aim for war is freedom of the Iraqi people then perhaps the time scale should be compressed, but for whatever reason, Bush and Blair are using disarmament and weapons of mass destruction as the main reason and this just doesn't work. If the main aim is for stability in the region and ensuring that Saddam doesn't have WMD, and given that there has been no convincing evidence that he has any considerable amount of any WMD, then weapons inspections should continue. For Bush to continually say that the only way to stop war is for Iraq to cooperate, and then complain that any sign of cooperation (including the destruction of over half their al-Samoud missiles) is just procrastination, is plainly ridiculous

Is is clear now that the US is so confident of its position of power in the world that it doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Bush thinks that he can do whatever he wants and noone can stop him: international law is something to be bent and twisted to fit his agenda. It was frightening enough when Saddam Hussein had though this about himself, the leader of the most powerful military nation in the world having similar megalomaniac tendencies is terrifying. The fact that Blair is following him, even at the likely expense of his own political destruction, that is frustrating and disappointing.

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PS... even the fish don't like it!


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