New Car

Posted at 15:25:31, 15/4/2003

Well skiing was awesome - we had clear blue skies all week apart from one day when it snowed for nearly 24 hours giving us 8in of fresh powder for the last few days of the holiday! You can see some of the photos and there'll be more when I get my slide film back.

I spent a week at my mum's house and she helped me buy my first car :-) Its a Vauxhall Astra Estate (no... I'm not planning on filling it with big dogs and kids!) and its diesel so it does about 45miles to the gallon which is pretty good. As you can imaging I'm very happy and I doubt I'll be able to resist posting some photos for much longer!

I'm now bumming around in Edinburgh for about ten days before I start my 8 month work placement in Malvern. I'll probably go to Arran if it doesn't look as if it might rain for the entire weekend like it did last year!

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