Rather Good

Posted at 11:1:4, 11/5/2003

Oh, I've been meaning to blog this page for ages now... it's just sooo much fun! It has a wide variety of kittens: gay viking ones, punk kittens and we especially like the northern kittens. Other good one's include those strange creatures that like the moon and the product that comes to the rescue if you're in danger from spoons


gadget gadget gadget, you'll turn into a gadget one of these days if your not careful!!! where do the baterries go? and can you be turned off when said gadget gets annoying? or is it one where you have to put it in the freezer for an hour when it overheats?!!?

Posted by oh dear, Sun May 11 14:45:48 2003

how could i be sooo stupid and post last commetn in the wrong place?! doh! would write something nice, but the thoughts escape me!

Posted by a random non gadget person, Sun May 11 14:48:43 2003

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