New Gadget

Posted at 11:24:32, 11/5/2003

Most people who know me know how much I like gadgets! Basically, I had a phone (Ericsson T65) and a PDA (Handspring Visor) and I wanted to replace them with one gadget that would do the work of both. To make things more complicated I wanted to be able to syncronise the device with my Linux desktop machine. I looked at various devices, the Handspring Treo 270 didn't have bluetooth which would have meant using infrared port on my laptop which I've not made work under Linux yet and the Palm Tungsten W looks really good and has Bluetooth but you need to plug in a headset to answer the phone!

Finally I discovered the Sony Ericsson P800. This is ace as its smaller than most of the other PDA/Mobile hybrids, has loads of features (Bluetooth, MP3 Player, PDA, Memory Stick Duo) and I can connect to the internet and transmit phone numbers and calendar entries using Bluetooth - everything works from my Linux laptop with a Bluetooth Dongle... Yay :-)

Oh yes... and you can play Doom on it!

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