Ahh... the end of summer!

Posted at 19:14:41, 3/10/2003

Well I've been back from my holidays for two weeks now and I'm about ready for another one! I had a fantastic time in Annecy - the area is totally gorgeous and apparently its the cleanest lake in Europe. I was there with 5 friends and another two joined us because all the routes in and around Chamoix were too dangerous. We managed to get some climbing done (I was surprisingly non-crap after doing nothing all summer!) and plenty of relaxing and lazing in the sun. Ella and I also made it to Lyon for a day.

We went to a few different climbing areas: there was some little crags behind the campsite in Annecy which was very convenient. Just the other side of the town, by the lake, was a big crag called Biclop where there was loads of good route, including a four pitch 5+ that we had a 6 person expedition up! Finally, right at the end of the holiday, we drove to Ablon. The drive was up through the mountains around at least 50 hair-pin bends then along a dirt track for a couple of miles. The crag itself was another 40 mins walk-in, above a small farm surrounded by an Alpine meadow with cow bells ringing. The climbing was excellent, good quality limestone with grades not quite as hard as the sand-bags at Biclop!

Obviously I took loads of photos but I used my 35mm camera so I'm waiting for them to be developed - they'll be up in the next week or so hopefully...

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