Posted at 23:40:47, 6/10/2003

Oh my god! I made the mistake of going to the pub in Worcester on Saturday afternoon and then venturing into Game on the way home. I've had my eye on Master of Orion 3 ever since Tyco (of Penny Arcade) reviewed it, it seemed like my sort of thing - an extremely complicated strategy game (sounds good), that would consume vast quantities of my time (even better), that is set in space (yay!)... I have to admit that I probably wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't drunk some beer though!

It took the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday to even learn a small amount of the skills needed to play this game! I've never played anything so complicated - I would guess at two or three times the complexity of Civ3, which has itself provided weeks of entertainment. In the galaxy i'm currently in the process of conquering (actually I'm fighting wars on three sides and getting quite hammered!) there are roughly 250 star systems, each with up to 8 planets each and each planet is divided into around 8 regions depending on its size. There can be up to 16 AI controlled civilisations and the battles, which can be fought in real-time if you want, can involve well over 1000 ships. I reckon I got my money's worth at 30!

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