Motorway madness

Posted at 11:10:20, 17/5/2003

I was driving from Malvern to see my mum in Huddersfield on Friday. I set off at about 3pm to try and avoid the worst of the traffic around Birmingham. I was cruising down the fast lane of the M5 when I suddenly found myself bearing down on someone's exhaust pipe that was lying in the middle of the fast lane. Rather than swerve across the motorway I tried my luck with going over it and unsuprisingly totally knackered my wheel:

As it was the driver side wheel I decided there was no chance that I wanted to change it myself on the hard shoulder so I callled the AA. By the time they'd arrived and changed the tyre I was running an hour late and got totally stuck in the traffic... grrr...

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Posted by Elspeth, Sat May 17 17:00:00 2003

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