Posted at 21:33:35, 11/11/2003

One of the problems I've found with a weblog is that, as well as the usual interesting links (of which I have few because I occasionally do things other than surf the web!), you really want to put something personal into it. Your life and its strange happenings are what can distinguish you from all the other blogs out there and in a way its a useful form of therapy - having a diary that there's a least some chance that other people will read and comment on.

The thing is, some of the biggest things that have happened to me in the last few years have involved relationships with other people and inevitably those people are the ones most likely to visit this strange lazy place. That makes it very difficult to write about the things that really matter to me and really change my life. This time I'm going to try and at least say something.

Just over two weeks ago I was was dumped.

I've never been dumped before and it was a strange and terrifying experience. Especially scary was the lack of control as things started to fall apart. Because I'm in Worcester at the moment and she's in Edinburgh I couldn't just pop round and try and sort things out. Instead all the talking was done over the phone, a fact which speeded the process or even went towards causing it. When we finally did see each other in person (in an otherwise good weekend in the Lake District) it was too late - the decision was already made.

It would be much easier if I was angry, but I'm not. At first it really hurt, now the pain is deadened and I mainly feel sadness and disappointment that things turned out this way.

I had booked flights for ten days holiday in Edinburgh and I decided to go anyway as that's where most of my friends are. It was strange to be there on such a flying visit with all this stuff having happened (and kind of still happening) so recently, but it was good to be with people who wouldn't let me mope around! I went out, read books and listened to more Jeff Buckley (ahh... retail therapy!).

Last weekend was the EUMC Mystery Meet and we went right up North to An Teallach and Shenavall bothy. I took a few photos but you'll have to wait a while for them. It was a good weekend, if slightly excessive on the alcohol on Saturday night.

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