Yay... finished work!

Posted at 15:47:0, 15/12/2003

I've finished my stint in Malvern now and I'm back in Sheffield for the next week or so to finish writing my thesis. I've enjoyed most of my time working in Malvern and living in Worcester, but I must admit I'm looking forward to being a normal (in the broadest sense of the word!) student back in Edinburgh! Maybe I'll even have time to Blog more... or do I keep saying that?


and i have the keys to your new flat (jitka dropped them off at work yesterday).
i'll release them in return for help moving out of my flat and lots of large xmas pressies... :o)

Posted by elspeth, Wed Dec 17 10:08:35 2003

Hmmm... not sure about the big pressies, might manage the lifting and shifting though!

Posted by LazyJames, Wed Dec 17 10:17:59 2003

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