Rain avoidance

Posted at 12:42:34, 16/1/2004

Ooo... bit of a hangover this morning after Scrubbing last night! As usual I seem to have been ignoring the old weblog but I've done a couple of interesting things over the last week that I should probably write about.

I went to Glencoe last weekend with the EUMC, the weather was pretty horrible so I didn't feel too guilty about going to The Ice Factor on Saturday! This is the world's largest indoor ice climbing facility, you pay 8.50 and get two hours of climbing on the ice. That doesn't sound like very long, but I was utterly knackered by the time I finished scrabbling my way up overhanging snow-ice! I should have some photos up when I finish the film in my SLR.

To extend the climbing wall theme... I went to the new National Rock Climbing Centre of Scotland at Ratho, just outside Edinburgh, on Wednesday. Basically, they've taken a large quarry and put a roof over half of it. The place is absolutely huge - one of the walls is 30m high and its the first time I've ever felt exposure on a climbing wall! Having said that, the place is also freezing cold and I would definitely recommend taking a down jacket or something for when you're belaying.

It seems that this weekend I might actually get the chance to climb outside as I'm off to the Northern Corries tonight.

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