Summer already?

Posted at 10:23:34, 20/2/2004

Heh, it looks like this winter is going to be non-existant in Scotland, but on the plus side that means I can go rock climbing instead of this messing about in the cold wet snow!

The club Creag Meagaidh meet didn't end up going to Creag Meagaidh as usual (its never been there the whole 4 1/2 years I've been at uni!) but this time we ended up rock climbing in the Peak District which was a bit of a novelty in Febuary... seven of us stayed at my dad's house in Sheffield and went to Stanage on both days. It was a bit wet on Saturday so I did a couple of VSs and went to Outside to spend money.

On Saturday night we decided to make the most of the luxurious accomodation (i.e. not a tent) and get a takeaway rather than cooking. We ordered from a place in Broomhill and I suprised to hear that it was going to take 40mins for the order to be ready. We went down to pick it up and ended up waiting for a whole two hours on top of the 40mins we had already waited. The place was complete chaos and while they seemed to be taking orders at the rate of one every two minutes, they were fullfilling them at the rate of about one every half hour. When we got our food eventually it was almost time for bed!

Stuart woke us up at 8am on Sunday because the weather was so nice, so off we went to Stanage again. Everyone seemed to have a good day and I finally got round to doing "The Link" (HVS 5b) - the direct to Congo Corner. Hopefully I'll have some photos up in a couple of days...

Unfortunately Sunday didn't end so well as Sam fell off Veranda Buttress, flipped upside-down and banged his right hand side against the rock. We took him back to my house so my step-mum could patch him up (don't worry... she's a nurse!) and then drove back to Edinburgh. He found out on Monday that he's broken his arm as well which is a shame, his ear has also gone a very impressive bright purple!

Finally, to continue the theme of rock climbing, a few of us went to Aberdour on Wednesday afternoon. The weather was gorgeous and it was so warm and still that I was sat on top of the crag in my t-shirt - definitly something wrong with that in Febuary!

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