Mud, Sweat and Beers

Posted at 13:4:37, 1/7/2004

Wow, I finally made it to my first Glastonbury this weekend, and it was amazing despite slightly dodgy weather. As usual, my car made things more interesting as the alternator broke on the way down. A garage in Biggar charged the battery up for the princely sum of 15 and we just had to hope that it would last the weekend - this meant no fans or lights and we kept the engine running when filling up with diesel. We did allow ourselves the radio though!

We arrived on Thursday night at half-time in the England-Portugal match. After wandering around aimlessly for a bit, Steve and I eventually found Camp Oats and went to watch the game on the big screens by the Pyramid stage. The less said about that match the better. Later on we wandered over to the Stone Circle and sat around watching the fire jugglers and chatting to some mates of Steve's.

Friday was pretty crazy as there was so many bands that Steve and I wanted to see. We started off with Bright Eyes on the Pyramid stage who were good but seemed pissed off despite the gorgeous sunshine. I Am Kloot were fine, especially after the stage manager on The Other stage had to pull the plug because they wouldn't leave the stage! One of the gigs of the weekend was The Rapture who I'm not even sure I'd heard before. At the end, the frontman, Luke Jenner, jumped, singing and dancing, into the crowd. Badly Drawn Boy finished off the afternoon with some ranting about politics and a few good tunes.

I had to eat (believe it or not!) so i missed most of Groove Armada but I made it to another of the top gigs of the festival. PJ Harvey totally rocked, wearing a Spice Girls t-shirt and bright pink stilettoes no less! Kings of Leon were a bit disappointing and I heard Lamb were much better (I seen them before). Next on Friday was a choice between Oasis and The Chemical Brothers, I went to The Chemical Brothers and was glad. There was then rumours that Fatboy Slim was playing in The Glade, we went there and I'm pretty sure they were lies!

It rained quite a lot on Saturday. The New Tent is covered so we went there to see Dogs Die in Hot Cars who I'd heard of once before and they were fantastic. There weren't many bands that we wanted to see after that so we headed for Buddhist curry with Mike and Laura, more friends of Steve's. Hope of the States, back in the New Tent and a suggestion of Steve's, were superb. Back on The Other stage, Damien Rice won my favour when he did an excellent cover of hallelujah.

Saturday night saw wan of the main events of Glastonbury 2004 when Paul McCartney played the Pyramid stage. I was actually quite keen to go and see Basement Jaxx instead, but in the end I bowed to the pressure of many childhood car journeys listening to The Beatles and Wings and went to see Sir Paul. What the huge crowd really wanted was lots of old classic Beatles tunes, which we got some of. There was also a lot of new and obscure stuff that didn't go down quite as well. The fireworks and flamethrowers on the stage were very impressive but we certainly didn't see any of that before the TV cameras came on!

Sunday was a strange day as we woke up to an apparent end to the rain and the sound of the English National Opera. Divine Comedy with their tribute to the UK Independence Party ("What a bunch of twats") and an excellent cover of No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age, were good value. This was followed by the infamous teddy-bear wedding... hmmm...

James Brown had an amazing stage show and lots of red suits, but possibly a bit too much rehearsal. One of my favourite bands, Belle and Sebastian, played on The Other stage in the afternoon. About 15mins into their set, a massive rain-storm passed over and everyone got completely soaked but carried on dancing anyway. After another 10mins or so, the sun cam out and a massive rainbow appeared, the bottom of which went straight into the middle of the stage - amazing. Steve and I stayed to see the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, mainly in order to get close to the front for Orbital's last gig in England. It worked and we were right up against the barrier. The gig was blindingly good and an excellent end to my first Glastonbury.

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I have posted this comment on James's request to make it look like someone reads this site.

Also, I was at Glastonbury with James and none of the above events actually happened. James ate 3 kilos of mushrooms and lay in a ditch all weekend singing Bananarama's smash hit 'Venus'

Posted by Stevious, Thu Jul 1 13:24:43 2004

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