Does the Job

Posted at 11:19:18, 17/7/2004

Well its happened... I actually got a full-time, proper, payed, 9 'til 5, engineering job. I've now been working for Wolfson Microelectronics for a week and I'll really enjoying it so far, although the whole having to get up in the morning is proving to be quite hard after several weeks of doing sod all!

I also graduated last week which was fun (the combined meeting of both sides of my way-too-complicated family was not as bad as I had expected). I found out that, as well as getting a first class degree and coming top of the year (I'm actually going to keep saying that forever!), I also got 86% for my project, 9% higher than the next person in my year... wow...

In other news, the Steviant has, reluctantly and apparently because he has too much work to do or too many things to moan about or something, got a weblog

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