The problem with...

Posted at 11:28:41, 15/8/2004

...the Edinburgh Festival is that nothing closes, so you can still drink beer, vodka and tequila at 4:30am and not actually get to bed until 6:30am.

I'm just kind of moaning about having a monster hangover, but you probably got that, right? Also, I fell off a ladder yesterday, which was funny in a painful, Jackass kind of a way.


Congrats on your graduation! I stumbled across your site when looking for info on bungee-jumping at Victoria Falls. I am planning a multi-country trip to Africa next summer -- one that will include loads of adventurous stuff that my parents (who I usually travel with) would never do. Now I just need to find a friend who wants to go (or can afford the plane tickets from the US!). Any tips on other "adventurous" stuff to do? Thanks!!

Posted by Courtenay, Fri Aug 20 19:13:10 2004

Hey Courtenay, cheers for looking over the site. I had a look over your photos and recognised Etosha in Namibia, despite not having been there for 5 years or so!

Its been a while, but I reckon I remember a few of the "adventurous" things we got up to!

It was a rock climbing trip, so we did lots of that.

We did a big walk up into Lesotho and camped right at the edge of the plateau.

In Swakopmund (Namibia) a few people did a sky-diving course and we all went sand boarding (walking up a sand-dune with a snowboard is very bizarre!) and quad-biking through the dunes.

The bungee jump at Vic. Falls was great, there's also white water rafting there, but it was the wrong time of year for us (it was around April I think). There's an even bigger bungee jump in South Africa, down on the south coast somewhere, that opened after we'd left.

There's a really cheap diving course at the south end of Lake Malawi.

If you're in Dar es Salem, you should visit Zanzibar and go to the fish market. I ate loads of prawns, a whole lobster, lots of chips, ice cream and other goodies, went to the cinema, and the whole night cost me about $8!

In Kenya, you should go walking (or climbing?) up and around Mount Kenya as its absolutely stunning.

Hope that helps :-) Let me know how things go...

Posted by LazyJames, Fri Aug 20 19:54:00 2004

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