The wandering beings...

Posted at 22:30:52, 12/9/2004

Well, as promised, I am leaving to country tomorrow. I head first for San Fransisco were I'm meeting Lorna before we head up to Yosemite. After that we fly to Lima in Peru and the trip really starts.

I'm planning on using this weblog as a way of keeping in touch with people - I find that when a long group email goes round, it generally gets skimmed over and then deleted. Hopefully if I send out a very brief email to the people I know saying that I've blogged, they can then read my waffling at their leisure. It order to make this work I'm attempting to setup a mailing list, I'll send an email out to the usual suspects and post here from SF when its sorted out.

To bed now I think before my 4:30am start!

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