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Posted at 3:19:8, 15/9/2004

Monday 13th September, 5:10am, Sheffield Train Station

The good intentions to keep a journal start here! Hopefully the fact that I'm even capable of thinking about it at 5 in the morning bodes well for the rest of the trip. I'm heading down to Heathrow Airport now in order to catch the first flight to San Francisco, via Chicago.

I'm not a bit fan of trains, one of the main reasons for buying a car last year was the many times I've been stranded for several hours at such lovely places as Stockport railway station, and that hell-on-earth, Birmingham New Street, the place that taints all train that pass through it with delays! I've lent my car to Rik while I'm away so I had to get the train from Edinburgh to Sheffield. To furthur enhance my dislike of the British transport system, it was last again (of course!) and I left my camera under the seat. It had been nicked by the time it pulled into the next station.

I suppose buying a new camera will give me something to do in Chicago!

Tuesday 14 September, 7:45am, San Francisco

Well I'm here... and quite jetlagged! I think I was travelling for around 24 hours yesterday and despite my lack of sleep, I still woke up at 6am.

I'm staying at a slightly scummy hostel near Powel Street, about 2 blocks from Union Square. A lovely area... we're right next to a sex shop, so not much different from living in GBH!

Tuesday 14 September, 7:20pm, San Francisco

Just quickly to let everyone know that I've successfully met up with Lorna but my email isn't working at the moment! Off to Chinatown for dinner now, Yosemite tomorrow.

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