Yosemite, Santa Cruz and back to San Francisco

Posted at 2:48:51, 20/9/2004

Friday 17th September 2004, 9:15am, White Wolf Campground, Yosemite

I'm sat on a rock in the morning sunshine, high up in the Yosemite National Park. Last time I was here I broke my wrist on the third day, so far I've had a bit more luck this time!

I successfully met Lorna at the Greyhound station in SF on Tuesday. After dropping her bags off we went to book the cheapest car that Enterprise had for 9am on Wednesday morning and the wandered around much of SF. We walked down to the Bay Bridge, along Broadway and through Chinatown. We completed the evening with a very good curry just round the corner from our hostel.

We went to pick up the car on Wednesday morning, they gave us a free upgrade to we have a very fancy Toyota Prius - a hybrid petrol/electric that, as well as being quite nippy, does about 50miles to the gallon!

We drove up to Yosemite, about 5 hours away from SF, slightly longer if you keep getting lost... Seeing the huge walls of El Cap and Half Dome again was quite strange. Camp 4 was full and Lorna didn't really want to stay down in the hot and crowded valley so, after seeing the visitor's center, etc. we headed up to the White Wolf campsite at about 8000ft. The temperature is much cooler up here, but still shorts and t-shirt weather for most of the day. Its quite chilly at night now that most of the down has escaped from my sleeping bag over the last 5 years!

Yesterday we did a short "hike" (Lorna has picked up lots of America words and phrases which I'm trying to train out of her!) and had a long lunch sat in the sunshine by a nice little lake in the trees. As expected, Lorna has to stop and examine every new species of plant that she sees!

We're packing up now to head up to Tuolumne Meadows for a bit of a wander and to sort out, and hopefully reduce, our mountains of kit before we head to Peru.

Sunday 19th September 2004, 5pm, Globe Hostel, San Francisco

Ahh... back in San Francisco, this time in a much cleaner, quieter and only slightly more expensive hostel.

On the drive up to Tuolumne Meadows we stopped by a gorgeous mountain lake with a perfect granite ramp into the water. It was right by the road, so no skinny dipping for us! (Although an America guy asked Lorna to get back in for his video camera!).

We didn't really do much at Tuolumne apart from sort our kit out. We both felt slightly less nervous about the Yosemite Brown Bears than we had at the much quieter and more remote White Wolf site.

Yesterday we headed down to Santa Cruz in the hope of meeting up with one of two people that Lorna knows there. Unfortunately it didn't work out and we missed a room in a downtown hostel by about 5 mins, so we headed up to the Big Creek Redwood State Park to camp.

This morning we wandered around Santa Cruz ("the most stoned kids on the most stoned day in the most stoned campus in the United States of America") and paddled in the sea, before heading back up here to San Francisco.

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