Posted at 23:24:20, 22/9/2004

Tuesday 21st September 2004, 8am, San Francisco Airport

As lorna just said, too many airports! Its not helped by the fact that we went out on the town last night...

And whoŽd have though that our excursion to the San Francisco gay scene, made in the hope that Lorna would find some foxy girl, would result in her finding a guy called Josh to snog instead! It was a good night though, we went for Mexican food and then went to a couple of bars where we met some cool people.

I was kind of paranoid about missing the flight this morning (we had to get up at 6am) but Lorna still managed to keep us out until 2am. During the day we got the classic San Francisco cable car (more of a tram than what I think of as a cable car) to the wharfe and walked along to the Golden Gate Bridge. We also took a visit to the massive REI outdoor store, which sucked us in for over an hour and has probably undone all the good kit weight loss in Yosemite!

All in all, a return visit to San Francisco is a must!

Wednesday 22nd September 2004, 4:10pm, SAE Clubroom, Lima

We arrived in the murky city of Lima late last night, a maze of concrete and brick slums with the extravagant colonial architecture of some of the central buildings making the poverty more apparent. Even the Sheraton Hotel (a good place to get local currency!), with its lush interior, is ugly grey concrete on the outside.

The Hostel Roma, although cheap, is a good reminder of the Spanish colonial past, with its incredibly high ceilings (I though Edinburgh tenament flats were high!) and marble floors.

WeŽve spent most of the day planning our activities in Cusco, although Lorna did find out that her name is a smelly but tasty fish in Peru! WeŽre now in the quiet and friendly South America Explorers clubhouse in the Miraflores district, wading though mountains of useful information about the trekking around Cusco.

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