Arrived at Cusco

Posted at 20:54:36, 24/9/2004

Friday 24th September 2004, 10:20am, Hostel Rumi

So we've survived the first long bus journey - from Lima to Cusco. It actually wasn't too bad, 18 hours instead of 23, lots of leg room (even for a stick insect like me!) and many crap films, fortunately in English with Spanish Subtitles.

We got here at about 8:30am, completely knackered. The SAE clubhouse didn't open until 9:30am so we booked into the nearest hostel in the guidebook (this is after Lorna moaned because I was walking too fast around the town and kept leaving her behind!). Although the guidebook said it was $11/night, it turns out its got really posh and costs $40/night for a twin room... so only here for one night then!

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