Back to school!

Posted at 22:39:23, 28/9/2004

Tuesday 28th September 2004, 1:25pm, Marina's house

Being back at school is quite strange! I started the Amigos Spanish course yesterday morning. I'm in a class with Gys and Liane - a Dutch couple. We have four hours of teaching from 9am, which I think is a bit much. By the last hour I'm taking in very little. Having said that, I'm learning some useful stuff. Whether I can remember it in a few weeks time remains to be seen!

Lorna and I even have homework to do! Last night we were very naughty and went to a bar before we had finished the work due for today. We went to a quiet place with Marcus and Karen, another girl from his school. We had this dark and sweet Peruvian beer that tastes quite a lot like Theakston Old Peculiar... one of my favourite ales!

After struggling through a very slow game of Scrabble in Spanish we headed home to finish our homework!

I almost forgot... yesterday afternoon we bought a "boleto touristico" (tourist ticket) that lets us see sixteen historical sites around Cusco. We went to a small gallery with some interesting and bizarre local artwork. We also went to a museum about the history of the Inca's. They used to put wooden frames around their children's heads so that their skulls grew elongated, the actual skulls in the museum are very strange.

I've also found a local grain called Kiwicha (for those who don't know, I need a gluten-free diet - no wheat, rye or barley) that makes a great breakfast cereal and stew. Rice and gluten free bread are quite difficult to come by in Peru!

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