No more school

Posted at 20:50:46, 5/10/2004

Tuesday 5th October 2004, 9:20am, Koyllur Tourist Hostel

It was the last day of school yesterday, so I got a lie-in this morning. Lorna has another day of school because she missed a day last week when she was ill. I'm quite relieved that school is over - I'm really glad I did it as I now have enough Spanish that I feel I can get by without having to get Lorna to say everything, but I don't especially enjoy learning languages.

After school we did a bit of research at South American Explorers for the next trek, probably from Mollepata, heading South of Salkantay, finishing at Chilca. Today we're going to try and find some people to do this with.

We've moved out of Marina's house into a cheap but pleasant hostel hear San Blas. With our usual habit of eating at the first restaurant we see, we ate some wonderfull food cooked in a clay pot. Expensive by Cusco standards but still only five pounds each!

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