Posted at 18:2:53, 14/10/2004

Wednesday 13th October 2004, 10am, On the train to Puno

Yesterday was a day for chilling out, laundry and planning the next few days of our trip. I checked email and picked stuff up from South American Explorers while Lorna stayed in the hostel. I chatted to some people who were planning to do the same Salkantay trek and later we both went back to write a trip report - look out for it if you're ever in Cusco!

We also bought tickets for the 10 hour train journey to Puno, near Lake Titicaca. US$15 seemed like very good value but I've just discovered that it costs US$3 for an omlette on the train!

We're now passing through a wide valley populated with small, red, mudbrick settlements and surrounded by steep and craggy green hills.

Thursday 14th October 2004, 11:20am, Don Julio Hostel, Puno

The train journey through the incredibly flat alti-plano, most of it over 4000m, was amazing. Coming around the shores of Lake Titicaca as the sun set over the distant hills and was reflected off the perfectly still lake, was something I hope I never forget.

The hostel in Cusco had booked ahead for us, so we had minimum stress on arriving in the lively, lakeside town of Puno as we were picked up from the station - the first private car we're been in since arriving in Peru.

We wandered down to the lake this morning, through markets selling pretty much anything you could imagine. Unfortunately the scruffy waterfront felt more like a run-down British seaside resort than the shores of a huge, high altitude lake! We have bus tickets to Copacabana tomorrow morning, so hopefully that'll be a bit better.

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