Posted at 23:37:32, 15/10/2004

Friday 15th October 2004, 4:10pm, A boat on Lake Titicaca!

We took a memorable trip to the floating islands, about 30mins boat ride from Puno, yesterday afternoon. The islanders have lived there for hundreds of years, building their homes from the reeds that cover much of that part of the lake. The islands are fairly big, with four or five houses on each. As the reeds rot off the bottom, they add more to the top.

We stopped on three floating islands, the first just houses (also built out of reeds), the second the "capital", with a very rickety watch-tower, and the third the local school. While we were on the school island, a fierce but short-lived electrical storm passed about a mile away from us over the lake. The kids from the school ran around in the rain, playing with kites made from plastic bags and bits of string.

This morning we got a bus from Puno, around the lake and across the border into Bolivia. Already everything is noticably cheaper - about US$8 for a very nice twin room with breakfast and a two course lunch only cost about 75 pence!

Rather than spending the night on the Island of the Sun, we're decided to get to La Paz a day earlier as there's so much we want to do from there. Instead we took an afternoon boat to the island, where the Inca's believed the Sun was born. We wandered up the several hundred Inca stairs and I went into a small museum of (even more!) broken Inca pottery.

I'm now enjoying the afternoon sun on the boat back to Copacabana - a much cleaner and more pleasant town than Puno. The clear blue water of Lake Titicaca makes me really want to go for a swim... but I think the boat would leave me behind!

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