Back in La Paz

Posted at 18:43:48, 1/11/2004

Monday 1st November 2004, 2pm, Cactus Hostel, La Paz

Its so nice to be back in La Paz! I really enjoyed the jungle but the heat got to me after a while: its hard to sleep and the feeling that you're sweating all the time is quite unpleasant. Having said that, being completely out of breath from walking up the street in La Paz (its at nearly 4000m) also has its drawbacks!

We booked a flight for Saturday afternoon, but the mysteries of Bolivian air transport meant that it was delayed until Sunday morning. The extra afternoon in Rurrenabaque was spent by a very nice pool (with a huge, blue and yellow, wild parrot eating mangos in a tree!) and playing pool in the Mosquito bar - the only nightlife unless to like karaoke! The flight was 50 mins in a tiny 12-seater plane with one propeller. I was sat directly behind the pilots and loved every minute of it... Lorna said that the was "somewhat nervous" the whole way!

Lorna and I are going to travel separately from La Paz to Puerto Natales in Patagonia. Its a huge distance (central Bolivia to southern Chile!) but we're aiming to do it in about ten days. Lorna has been finding it difficult spending so much time with the same person and feels that some time spent travelling separately will allow her to enjoy Patagonia more. I'm fairly ambivalent about splitting up for a bit as long as we still get to do cool treks in Patagonia!


Lukas, who joined us on the Lares Trek, Hyuana Potosi and the Choro Trek has put some photos online (including some of me :-) ): If you search around in there you find the Hyuana Potosi photos as well.

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