Posted at 18:18:22, 7/11/2004

Sunday 7th November 2004, 1:15pm, Plaza de Armas, Santiago

The Chilean buses, even in the cheaper seats, are very comfortable. The go a long way back, there's loads of leg room, a TV and even (unlike the Bolivian buses!) a toilet. I think the journey would have been quite comfortable had it not been for my stomach playing up for the whole journey! I was sat by the window and had to wake up the large, hairy, pissed off looking, Chilean guy next to me everytime I wanted to go to the loo!

I was going to stay in La Casa Roja in Santiago, a lively hostel that's been recommended by a few people, but I met and American guy at the bus station who owns another hostel (the SCS Habitat). Its quiet and reasonably pleasant, its also cheap, has internet and a large kitchen and he paid for a taxi from the bus station!

I'm in the center of Santiago at the moment. Its a Sunday so most of the shops are shut, but its still very lively. It feels very modern and European here (the public transport is too good for it to feel American!) and has prices to match! I just went to see the Museum of Pre-Colombian Art (free on Sundays!), which was was fantastic.

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