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Posted at 16:11:46, 10/11/2004

Monday 8th November 2004, 5:45pm, SCS Habitat, Santiago

I cooked the first meal I've cooked for myself in over two months (camping not included) last night. After some loud political discussion involving and anti-American American, a pro-American Austrian, two Germans and me I went to bed! I seem to be shaking off the bug I've had fairly well, but I described the symptoms (you really don't want to know them!) to my mum (a GP for those who don't know) and she suggested that I might have Giardia or Amoebic Dysentry. I've bought the medication to make sure I get rid of whatever it is before I start trekking again.

Something that struck me as soon as I arrived in Chile was how good the roads are. We've had two months of driving on pretty bad roads in Peru and (even worse!) Bolivia. Apparently only 4% of Bolivian roads are paved, and most of those are just concrete slabs with loads of bumps and holes... I never thought I'd miss tarmac!

I'm heading out of Santiago the day after tomorrow to start heading South to Patagonia. Another day of wandering the city center has convinced me that Santiago is a pleasant but rather charmless and soulless big city, and it will be good to get back to the mountains.

Wednesday 10th November 2004, 12:45pm, SCS Habitat, Santiago

I spent most of yesterday with Richard, a guy from Surrey who's spent the last six years living in Sydney; yesterday was his 20th birthday. We walked through the town center and got the furnicular (very lazy!) up Cerro Cristobal - a steep hill overlooking the city, kind of like the Authur's seat of Santiago but with even more tourists and a huge statue of the Virgin Mary on top. The view was fairly spectacular, but you could also see how much smog covers the city.

I met up with Richard again in the evening for a great meal in Barrio Brasil, the main student area in Santiago. We had a fairly bizzarre time in a local bar, probably made more weird by the fact that I was completely sober - the medication I'm on for Giardia means that I can't drink.

I'm sat in the patio of the hostel now, the sun is bright and I'm sharing climbing tales with a guy from Amsterdam and a lass from Alaska.

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