Posted at 22:7:42, 24/11/2004

Monday 22nd November 2004, 12 midnight, Yakush Hostel, Ushuaia, Argentina

The night after getting back from the trek, Lorna and I went out for a huge meal where I managed to polish off a large steak, a plate of chips and an avocado salad and I still had room to help Lorna with her salmon!

We spent sunday chilling out in Puerto Natales. Two very drunk Chilean girls came up to me in the street to tell me about a race of some sort and insisted on calling me James Bond! I wandered down to the seafront later and saw about 20 stock cars go past and the sound of the racing could be heard all over the town for the rest of the day.

This morning we got a direct bus to Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego. I'm sure someone told us it would take 20 hours, so it was a relief when it only turned out to be 14! It was cool getting a ferry across the Magellan Straits and we saw several black and white dolphins playing around the boat. We crossed into Argentina today as well, the penultimate country of the trip.

Wednesday 24th November 2004, 6:30pm, Yakush Hostel, Ushuaia

I spent yesterday relaxing and wandering around Ushuaia, a pretty port on the Beagle Channel and the most southerly city in the world. I walked along to a memorial to the Agentinian soldiers who died in the Falklands war 22 years ago. Its strange to see a war memorial for soldiers who died fighting against the UK, although nowhere on the memorial did I see any mention that they were fighting the British..

This morning I registered for a trek that goes partly through the National Park here, we will set off tomorrow morning for two days. Its mainly been suprisingly warm and sunny here, although we had snow this morning; hopefully the good weather will continue for the trek!

This afternoon we went on a boat trip into the Beagle Channel. As well as seeing several colonies or cormorants and other sea bird, we also saw lots of Sea Lions relaxing in the afternoon sun! There was lots of small brown fluffy babies and a few huge black males.

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