Pasa del Oveja

Posted at 13:22:58, 27/11/2004

Friday 26th November 2004, 6:30pm, Yakush Hostel, Ushuaia

Yesterday morning Lorna and I set off to do the two day Pasa de Oveja trek. We got a short taxi ride to the start and walked for several hours up a wide forest filled with beech trees. There was lots of comedy river crossings involving balancing along narrow slippery logs! In the afternoon we came out of the trees onto alpine meadows with good views of the surrounding rocky mountains covered with patches of snow.

We walked up to a small lake for possibly the best camping spot of the trip. It was a gorgeous place, with a waterfall just above the lake, a small stand of wind-twisted beech trees, a lovely green lake and perfect flat grassy spots for the tent! We dumped our stuff there and walked up to a higher, much more bleak and windy lake in a rocky cirque. We got back to the tent just in time for a snowstorm that lasted most of the evening.

This morning the weather had cleared up. We walked up, through alpine meadows and over high rocky scree and snow, to the Pasa del Oveja, surrounded by spikey mountains. The walk down another valley, along scree slopes and briefly getting lost in a forest, took us back to Ushuaia. The trek was really pretty and, although quite short, it felt much more wild than many of the others - we only saw one other group, three people on horses, for the whole two days.

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