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Posted at 18:26:24, 30/11/2004

Sunday 28th November 2004, 6:20pm, Yakush Hostel, Ushuaia

There are various characters staying at this hostel, one is Nigel, a brummy who finished cycling here from Alaska a week ago or so and who's been hanging around Ushuaia since. Another is Marie fom New Zealand, who leaves on a boat to Antarctica tomorrow. We've had dinner with the two of them on the last two nights and they make a very good comedy double act!

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon in the Maritime Museum. Its housed in the old prison that used to house many of the multiple offenders and murderers of Argentina. The prison is the whole reason for the town's existance and most of the town's buildings and the nearby railway were built by the prisoners. The museum has the maritime history of the area (with lots of cool scale models of sailing ships - I love that sort of thing!) andthe history of Ushuaia and the prison.

Today Lorna and I went horse riding for four hours and it was great! We rode along steep muddy tracks through dense woodland. Lorna fell off once when her horse slipped over, she was fine apart from the mud! We got to gallop along the shore by the Beagle Channel. When we stopped for lunch, Lorna insisted on going swimming in the sea, much to the amusement of our guide! Appropriately enough, I got a very lazy horse that was very reluctant to gallop properly, instead she just trotted really fast, which involved lots of bouncing around for me. We're back in the hostel now, nursing very sore arses and legs.

Tuesday 30th November 2004, 3pm, El Calafate Hostel

We had another meal out with Nigel and Marie on Sunday night and our plans for hiring mountain bikes on Monday were scuppered by deciding to have a lie-in instead! We saw Marie off on her Antarctic "cruise" on Monday afternoon - she seemed a bit worried by the large number of older people on the boat. I'm not sure myself how well they'll cope with a very loud, 30-something Kiwi myself!

Lorna and I had planned on getting the bus from Ushuaia to El Calafate (the gateway to the Los Glacieros National Park), but the plane only cost 20 quid more and took less than 2 hours instead of 20! We got here last night and went out for a good meal - I had a huge and very rare steak, probably the best one of the trip so far. Today we shopped in preparation for a 3 or 4 day trek in the Fitzroy area.

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