Buenos Aires

Posted at 13:58:9, 11/12/2004

Tuesday 7th December 2004, 10:30am, Portal del Sur Hostel, Buenos Aires

We caught the flight with no problems, although for some reason it went via Ushuaia, which isn't exactly the direct route! On the plane we met a group of girls who spotted my EUMC t-shirt and told us that they also went to Edinburgh uni a couple of years ago. They recommended a hostel, but it was full, so we're staying in the very nice Portal del Sur just down the road.

It was Lorna's 24th birthday yesterday, so we went out for a (yet another!) steak meal. We then attempted to find the gay bars of Buenos Aires using a year 2000 Lonely Planet. That and the fact that it was a Monday night is probably why we totally failed to find any decent bars at all!

It definitely feels like we're back in warm climes again - its very hot and I don't think its been this sweaty since the Bolivian jungle.

Wednesday 8th December 2004, 11:15pm, Portal del Sur Hostel, Buenos Aires

We headed for one of the local shopping areas, in Barrio 11, to buy lots of cheap clothes... so now I have something other than trekking trousers to wear! I even got a cheap haircut (less than 1 pound!) so now my head will stay cool in the heat! I went for a wander in the area around the hostel trying to get some inspiration for Christmas shopping; a saw a couple doing live tango in the street which was pretty cool.

We went out for a meal with loads of people from the hostel before heading for a tango club. The club was a huge (and very hot) warehouse with live music and lots of locals tangoing. After leaving at about 2am we went to a Drum 'n Bass night in a club just down the road from the hostel. I haven't been clubbing in ages so it was good to boogie away until 4am... I'm definitely feeling the hangover and lack of sleep now though!

Friday 10th December 2004, 7:45pm, Portal del Sur Hostel, Buenos Aires

Most of the daytime life in Buenos Aires has been pretty relaxed, mainly involving chilling out in the hostel and wandering around the local shops. Yesterday morning I went down to the sea front, past the presidential palace where several hundred protesters were gathered, playing music, marching around and flying huge Argentinian flags with loads of holes cut in them. I found an old Argentinian sailing frigate to tour around as well, which was fun.

I was feeling pretty tired last night, but I agreed to accompany Lorna on another attempt at finding the Buenos Aires gay scene. The first bar we found was quiet, but the second place was packed out and there was a hilarious drag show that went on until 3am (the nights don't start until after midnight here). We then went onto a club and didn't get back to the hostel until 6am - so much for just a couple of drinks!

This afternoon I dragged myself out of bed and headed, with Lorna, for a local craft market. There are some excellent leather goods and silver jewelry and I've managed to make a good dent in my Christmas shopping.


I can't believe it was a whole year ago we went for that Indian for Lorna's birthday and (confusiingly) met her twin for the first time. I must be getting old... Anyway Happy Birthday Lorna!

Posted by Elspeth, Tue Dec 14 21:42:35 2004

Hi Elspeth,

Nice to hear of you again.

Hope all is well.

Rich (James' brother)

Posted by Rich, Fri Dec 17 19:00:20 2004

Hi Rich!
I'm fine, just got back from Christmas in Sheffield, got a bit more holiday now and then back to teacher training. Hope you had a good Christmas and good to hear from you. Hope to see you next time you're visiting James? Just had a look at your band website and it looks great, good luck with it!
E x

Posted by Elspeth, Tue Dec 28 11:39:56 2004

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