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Posted at 14:42:24, 24/12/2004

Well I made it back to old blightly! The last day in Rio was mainly concerned with packing and stuff, but I did manage to make it down to the beach for one last swim... a bit of a scary one though as there was quite a lot of surf!

The flights, etc. all went according to plan. We had the ridiculous chirade at New York of having to queue for 45 mins at US immigration, collect our bags, go through Customs, check our bags in and go through security just to transfer from one plane to another and fly straight out of the US again. The immigration service now take the fingerprints and photograph of all foreign nationals, which I object to because I don't think a foreign government (or any government for that matter) should have my fingerprints on record without good reason. I would have expected that the security at JFK would be the best in the world, alas the security staff were joking around with each other and the whole area was complete chaos; it seemed very unprofessional.

Anyway, after all that we got to Heathrow and onto the bus, Lorna got off at Leeds where her parents were picking her up and I went onto Bradford, getting the first train to Skipton to see my mum :-)

Now I have to wrap Christmas presents and sleep!

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