Posted at 20:22:59, 26/4/2005

Those who've seen me in the last few days will know that I was involved in an accident last Thursday. I was cycling to work and a van turned in front of me causing me to slam on my brakes and go straight over the handlebars. On Thursday evening I looked like this but you'll be pleased to know that I look much better today!


Apart from the beard :oP
Glad you're getting better so quickly. You missed a great weekend though!

Posted by Elspeth, Tue Apr 26 22:17:06 2005

Yeah, the photos looked really good... grrr...

Posted by LazyJames, Wed Apr 27 09:05:02 2005

And these :o)

Posted by Elspeth, Wed Apr 27 12:48:26 2005

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