Happy Hogmanay

Posted at 19:24:49, 8/1/2006

Well its been an interesting year, and also one which hasn't involved my website much! Hopefully that will change a bit this year as I treated myself to a new Olympus mju800 camera this Christmas. Its weather resistant and has 8 whole megapixels, unfortunately neither of things will help stop me losing it...

I've started the ball rolling with the photos from Hogmanay at Carrick - Kim's flatmate Katie is lucky enough to have parents with a beautiful "hut" by the sea in Dumfries and Galloway, I've quoted "hut" because its far too palatial to be a real hut, with full length windows all along the front, only a few meters from the sea, and the nicest shower in the universe! We were staying in something closer to being a hut just round the corner, although it was still warm and comfortable, and you couldn't ask for a better position.

Lorna, my trusty South American explorer, was visiting Edinburgh for a few days in order to persuade her to leave the US and come back to Edinburgh, we took her up Ben Lawers in the snow (and cloud, and wind!) yesterday.

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