Mortgage fun..arrgghh!

Posted at 12:47:43, 31/8/2006

So, the people who've seen or spoken to me or Kim at all over the last few months will know that we're in the process of buying a flat in Meadowbank, Edinburgh. (You'll know because we've talked about little else in that time!).

Anyway, today is the move-in day... or at least it was until the stupid mortgage company (the woman in a black cloak...) cocked up. Several days ago they assured us that everything was okay. This morning John, our friendly Jitsu ninja and financial advisor, phoned the mortgage company up to find out why the money hadn't turned up, to be told that there was an outstanding solicitors letter. When they were going to tell us about this I don't know.

Anyway, the short(er) story is that several faxes have to wing their way between Sheffield, Jordon (my dad is in Aman and is the one who has to sign the letter) and Edinburgh in the next 15 minutes or we won't have a flat today...

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