Lab Week and Climbing

Posted at 13:18:58, 12/2/2002

I'm on a lab week this week which means no lectures or tutorials and (in theory) lots of work on all the labs we have to do. The advantage of this of course is that I don't have to get up for 9 o'clock lectures and I can do my work when I want, which is nice!

I finally managed to get away winter climbing last weekend. I went up to Aviemore on Saturday night and realised just as I was about to go to sleep that I'd forgotten by climbing boots in the rush to pack...doh! After driving around Aviemore at 12:30 to ask Blair if he had any spares (only to find out that both he and his dad have very small feet!), Greg suddenly remembered that Mal was coming up on the ski bus the next day. Que lots of waking people up! In the end, Elspeth cycled over to GBH at 1am and I met Mal at the ski station at 9:15am.
In the end I had an awesome day doing Finger's Ridge (IV,4) with James Mackenzie. Forgot to take my camera though...!


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