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Welcome to the message board. Use this to post any comments about the website or to leave any messges for me or other people who read the site (I'm sure there must be some :-) ). You can't post any html tags but if you put a link here then I'll probably get round to making it a proper link.


Sharlene McGilvray - Thu Oct 19 07:47:16 2006
I'd like to get permission to use one of your pics in a Geography Grade 12 book in South Africa. Please could you send me the details to so I can get the necessary permissions.

LazyJames - Sun Oct 15 09:21:14 2006
Hi Gerald, I've passed your message onto Emily, cheers for the comments on the website!

Gerald Cordeiro - Sun Oct 15 06:22:40 2006
Hello Lazy James,
Nice web site, a very comprehensive set of photos. I found your site by searching for Emily Strong on Google. I met Emily in Peru last spring and I have some climbing photos that I would like to send to her, but I have no e-mail for her. If you are still in contact with Emily could you please pass on this message to her? I hope she has passed her examination to become a doctor, and if she would like the photos of her and a couple of drunk Canadians, she can e-mail me at I would really appreciate if you would do this for me. Thanks. Gerald.

sara - Thu Apr 20 09:18:36 2006
"Love is born of faith, Lives on hope, And dies of charity.

LazyJames - Thu Mar 23 10:36:49 2006
I'm a bit fed up of getting loads of spam on my message board, up until recently I have left all links to African safaris on this page, but from now on I will be removing all of them.

Entanglement - Fri Nov 4 17:37:43 2005
New songs to download at!

LazyJames - Tue Oct 11 16:51:43 2005
Hey Mel! How's things back down under? I'm working in Edinburgh now and things are going well...

I don't have any contact details for that Robyn guy, but I guess he might check back here. If you both email me your email addresses then I can put you in touch with each other without exposing your email addresses to the spammers! Email: (I already get lots of spam anyway!)

Mel Scutchings - Mon Oct 10 04:25:07 2005
G'day James

Its Mel here! Hope things are going well for you. Just saw that Robyn someone was looking for Craig and so I thought I would drop you a line to see who this person is and are they still looking for him? Take care and hear from you soon, Mel

sarah holt - Mon Oct 3 17:58:54 2005
does anybody know of my dad? his around 50 years old his name is alan james holt he was last seen in penge uk around 13 to 14 years ago i miss him dearly i am 20 years old now and i am having trouble with my heart i would love to see him again please help me to find him i would be so greatfull

Elspeth - Sun Oct 2 19:28:46 2005
I vote we invade this board until the yummick chat page is working again... What d'ya think James?

Porno P - Wed Jul 13 09:20:05 2005
hey Guys! Fantastic website and damn you have some hot women in your club!

Have a cracking summer!

Porno P

LazyJames - Sat Jun 25 11:57:02 2005
Hi Robyn, I'm afraid I don't know where he lives, I shared a house with him a couple of years ago but he is back in Aus. now and I don't have any contact details.

Robyn - Tue Jun 21 12:21:49 2005
Saw the name Craig Scutchings on your website...would like to know, if possible, in which Australian state he history research SCUTCHINGS family.

Elspeth - Sun Mar 6 19:48:06 2005
Maybe you should James! Masquerade as a jazz singer I mean. Next GBH party...

LazyJames - Tue Feb 15 12:07:34 2005
Masquerading as a jazz singer?? This is probably the first time that jazz has even been mentioned on this site! Happening to have the same nickname as the other Lazyjames is a coincidence and you can't claim sole rights to a nickname.

Ella James.jaz singer - Tue Feb 15 09:39:19 2005
Stop using Ella's name the blue's is something very special to a lot of people and for you to maskarade as a jaz singer is totaly wrong.

LazyJames - Sat Feb 5 15:26:11 2005
Hi Norman and Eunice,
I'm back in Edinburgh now after spending 3 1/2 months travelling around South America. It doesn't look like I'll be skiing this year because I have no money!
Congratulations on becoming grandparents :-)

Norman & Eunice - Fri Feb 4 21:37:32 2005
Hi James, Yes we are still alive and kicking. Norman and Raymond went to France last week with another guy sking, I get to go to Austria in March with another group. Can you believe it but we became grandparents last week, life is just passing on at such a hectic rate, Any sking holidays booked this year? say Hi to everyone

Hazel - Thu Feb 3 02:25:30 2005
Anyone home???

James - Mon Jan 31 16:05:29 2005
Hopefully see you soon.

LazyJames - Fri Jan 28 15:40:22 2005
Hi James,

Yeah, the Edinburgh Uni Mountaineering Club still meet in Doctor's on Thursday evenings, usually from about 10:30pm. Thye have their own chat page at:

James - Fri Jan 28 15:36:03 2005
I'm a student at ECA and really want to go climbing with the Edinburgh Climbing club. Do you still meet at Doctors Pub on a Thurs? If not could you let me know where and when?

Cheers, James

Lucy Lallah - Mon Jan 10 15:50:12 2005
Message for Harriet Parsons - hi there - it's lucy kennedy here - would love to hear from you some time - all the best to yourself, zoe and your mum. Email

sunny - Fri Dec 31 04:32:25 2004
wish you a happy new year desining

sunny - Fri Dec 31 04:31:00 2004
wish you a happy new year desining

LazyJames - Fri Dec 24 14:21:41 2004
Hey Claire! I haven't heard from you for about 5 years! I just got back from a great trip around South America (no climbing, but lots of trekking and stuff), I'm going back up to Edinburgh for Hogmanay and I start work up there on the 4th Jan.

I don't think I have your email address so get in touch:

Claire Marsh - Fri Dec 24 13:25:54 2004
Wow! James, I can't believe I just stumbled across your site and I am absolutely stoked! Remember me, your partner in crime for alot of those fantastic climbs in africa? How the hell are you and what are you up to these days. Great to see pics of myself cos I necer got copies of pics from other people. Brilliant.
Merry xmas and Happy new year, let me know how you are doing. Best wishes
Claire xx

LazyJames - Sun Nov 21 14:11:57 2004
Hi Craig and Mel! Glad to hear that things are going well back in Aus. I graduated in July and started working straight away, but they were good enough to give me four months off so I'm travelling around South America at the moment. I'm back in the UK for Christmas and back at work in Edinburgh at the beginning of January. There'll be lots of photos of South America appearing when I get back!

A MESSAGE TO ALL USERS OF LAZYJAMES - Sat Nov 20 16:28:47 2004
Please visit and download our songs. James has created this site. Feedback on the music and the site would be much appreciated. THANK YOU, The Band

Craig Scutchings - Sat Nov 20 07:39:12 2004
Gday James, just logged onto your web site. Good to see you've graduated and are still climbing. Mel and I have been back in Australia for 3 months and still think about you all in England a lot. I am working as a surveyor in the desert 1000km north of Adelaide and Mel is busy working at a vineyard. We are settling back into it and are really happy to be home.
I'll check your site a bit now so keep it updated with pictures of your adventures.
All the best, former housemate Craig and Mel

Vindi - Mon Oct 18 20:54:49 2004
Nice ba6tfink ears :)

naftali - Fri Oct 15 12:36:22 2004
no worries. My friends will just have to believe me until then. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

LazyJames - Thu Oct 14 17:51:41 2004
Hi Naftali. I took quite a lot of photos on that trip, but unfortunately I'm not planning on getting them developed until I get home. Realistically they won't be online until early January.

naftali marcus - Thu Oct 14 11:10:06 2004
Do you have any pictures from your Lares trip or Machu Picchu? If so, when are you going to post em? I'm very anxious to see them!

Jane - Thu Sep 30 17:17:25 2004
"Love in the Time of Cholera" is a great book - enjoy!
Rosie off to Geneva again tomorrow!

Jane - Mon Sep 20 14:47:51 2004
Well it will be when we sort out all the boxes & new wardrobes etc, etc!Rosie says hello from her - she is helping at work, returned from Finland yesterday.

LazyJames - Mon Sep 20 02:49:41 2004
Cheers for letting me know about the house mum, glad that's all sorted out :-)

Jane - Wed Sep 15 13:41:34 2004
Glad you've met up with Lorna OK, we DID move Mon/Tues, chaos now reigns!Computer not happy & email here (work) playing silly b-----s hence this message!

Paul - Mon Aug 2 23:07:49 2004
Cool, when we having that cliffhanger night!?!

LazyJames - Sun Aug 1 21:18:14 2004
Paul: I've got a few too, I'll be putting them up, plus some Dolomite photos, this week hopefully.

Paul - Sat Jul 31 14:05:47 2004
James, photos from graduation are @:

Richie - Fri May 21 22:39:46 2004
Jimbo is actually Richie btw

jimbo - Fri May 21 22:39:24 2004
havn't forgotton your email address but thought i'd give your message page a bit of business. Don't know if you've noticed but its lacking a tad. P.S. We need one of these on our website. Cheers


LazyJames - Tue May 4 15:34:47 2004
Richie (have you forgotten my email address or what!?): The weekend was awesome - great weather and a fantastic party on Saturday night which started in a tea room with everyone wearing dinner dress and finished on the beach around an open fire at 4am!

About the website... I can do quite a lot of the design without buying the webspace, etc. but there would still be some work to do to transfer it to the new hosting, etc. Photos and potential logo designs would be good, don't worry about the logos being too polished as I can do that.

Richie - Tue May 4 14:57:50 2004
Back in Newcastle now Jimbo.... unfortunately Edinburgh didn't work out. How was the weekend?? Been talking to Andy about band website. Can it be designed before being launched or must the site be purchased before desining takes place???? I now know what pages we want... what else would you like me to sort out... pics, logo etc??
Thanks, Richie

LazyJames - Fri Apr 30 12:31:26 2004
I'm sure you can stay over, you'd probably have to sleep on the floor or something but there's plenty of room. The only thing is that we won't be back until late on Sunday night (11/12pm?). You'll have to phone me before 6pm tonight as we may not have reception on Mull of Kintyre.

Richie - Fri Apr 30 12:11:25 2004
Hi Jimbo. We have considered staying over on Sunday but if we did we would have to crash over at your place.... not entirely sure how that would go down with you and your flatmate. (Jess is with me). Luckily we have ank holiday monday off uni so that doesn't pose any problems.


LazyJames - Wed Apr 28 11:42:00 2004
Hey Richie, no photos yet I'm afraid - I'll try and finish the film this weekend. I'm going to the Mull of Kintyre ("Oh mist rolling in from the sea"!) this weekend so I won't be back until late on Sunday (after 11pm). If you're still around then we should meet up though.

Richie - Wed Apr 28 11:26:48 2004
Hey Jimbo,

Have you got those photos processed yet??? Might be in Edinburgh for a short while on Sunday as returning from a trip to Aberdeen. Do you fancy meeting up for a drink or snack. (I'll be with Jessica) Hope all is ok. Richie

LazyJames - Mon Apr 19 11:56:24 2004
Hey Richie, the weather was crap on Arran this weekend so I didn't finish my film - I'll let you know when the photos are there... meanwhile you can see pictures of me cranking knarly shit in Kalymnos!

Both .com and are available, as I said on the phone, I'll wait until you send me some ideas for the website before I start buying anything.

Richie - Mon Apr 19 10:08:16 2004
Hey James. Have you managed to get those skiing photos developed yet???? Keep us posted. Also.... we have a complete band with a band name... Its called 'First Half Highlights.' Doesn't seem to be a so wondered what next steps are to reserving the webspace??? Richie

Elspeth - Fri Mar 5 20:18:34 2004
Am I the only one who ever reads this page?! Just thought I'd check in and say hi from Tanzania or Masai camp in Arusha to be precise where I know both James and his Mum have been!

louisa - Thu Mar 4 20:18:41 2004
hello every1 who reads this! mi name is louisa and i am 15 yrs old, have bin writin since i was 12 and have written 100 pages script which is being produced as i write this!

i need ur help (males only) of the age 15/16 yrs of age... who also live in Exmouth. hope 2 hear from all u lads out there.

luv louisa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LazyJames - Wed Dec 17 10:49:55 2003
I thought I had a link from the Photo page but I don't - I'll add one when I get round to it!

Elspeth - Wed Dec 17 10:36:06 2003
Sorry I was looking on the photos page, doh! Tried to do a search of pix and it didn't work (so assume they're not in the search). Cheers though

LazyJames - Wed Dec 17 10:14:00 2003
They're on the Hotrock page (see the links at the top).

Elspeth - Wed Dec 17 10:12:21 2003
James, where did all your Africa pics go? I was wanting that one of Mt Kenya.

Richie - Fri Nov 28 16:57:59 2003
Nice one James. I am trying to make sure that we all see each other for a decent amount of time. You know how disorganised things get at Sheffield around Christmas!

LazyJames - Fri Nov 28 15:03:29 2003
Richie: I should be back in Sheffield on 13th December. I'm not sure how long I'll be there for (a week maybe?) before I go to my mum's for Christmas day. Back there again on Boxing day and I'm not sure what I'm doing after that.

Richie - Fri Nov 28 14:53:30 2003
Hi james. When am I gonna get to see you at Christmas? Have you got any plans yet? Lots of love xxxx

Elspeth - Fri Nov 21 16:35:14 2003
That was meant to be "so far" not "so arm"...

Elspeth - Fri Nov 21 16:34:41 2003
Flying out to Kenya on 26th Jan (got my visa yesterday!), get to Tanzania at the start of Feb. Back on June 19th.
Have had 7 needles in my arm so arm (2 to go) and spent nearly 200 on it :o(

LazyJames - Fri Nov 21 16:11:39 2003
Is it January? I thought you weren't going until Febuary??

Elspeth - Fri Nov 21 16:05:53 2003
Hi Richie. Life in Scotland is MUCH better than life in England! But I've never been to Egypt or Norway. I'm going to live in Tanzania from Jan to June though so I'll let you know if that's different. Think it might be somehow. It won't be cold for a start.

Anonymous - Wed Nov 19 21:22:17 2003
Hello people...or bats. If you are people then I like you. I don't like bats so I hope you are not some of them. Bye bye

Richie - Wed Nov 19 21:20:44 2003
Hi Phil, James and Elspeth. Hope all is well. What is life like in Scotland? I guess its like England. Or Egypt. Or Norway....but I might be wrong. Is it cold?..I'm cold...I am going to go to bed with Mr Badger tonight...he keeps me nice and warm... Lots of love, Richie xxx

LazyJames - Wed Nov 12 16:16:48 2003
Actually, you can avoid the cookie if you like (which is just used for the "Since you were last here" bit on the homepage) by going straight to

Elspeth - Wed Nov 12 13:55:33 2003
Coz I'm blatantly not working but surfing the internet on dodgy sites! :oP

LazyJames - Wed Nov 12 11:08:06 2003
Mmmmm... cookie :-)

(why would your work care anyway?)

Elspeth - Wed Nov 12 11:03:32 2003
And dammit James now you've left a cookie on my work computer! *Hopefully* noone here has the knowledge or wish to look for it but still :o)

Elspeth - Wed Nov 12 11:01:32 2003
Hi Phil! I agree. Which is why I post so often on the EUMC chat page! Very very sad but these office jobs do funny things to you... How're you anyway?

LazyJames - Fri Oct 24 16:03:21 2003
Phil: You could try the EUMC Chat Page for some... diverting... conversation!

Phil - Fri Oct 24 15:59:48 2003
This message board is being neglected to an unbelievable level. When I'm bored at work on a friday I need something to keep me amused - come on james make an effort!

Jane (mum) - Sun Aug 31 18:41:44 2003
I wanted to send a message from Lithuania! we are in the capital, Vilnius. It has the largest old town in Europe - we hope to explore it by bike tomorrow.
Happy holidays!!

James - Mon Jul 14 08:31:19 2003
Well I'm still slaving away in Malvern if that makes you feel any better!

Elspeth again - Sun Jul 13 19:28:38 2003
Where did everybody go?! on holiday?

Elspeth - Thu Jun 12 14:55:15 2003
Just wanted to inform the ENTIRE WORLD that I've finished my finals!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

ella - Tue Jun 10 19:54:01 2003
grace and poise? is that what they call it?!

LazyJames - Tue Jun 10 08:40:46 2003
So how much for some of those nuggets?!

I'm sure I can manage the birthday hugging :-)


Faith Bannister - Mon Jun 9 20:28:58 2003
James!! aye up mate. Rest asured that I'm not here to leave any embarressing lil nuggets of info about my sis, (better luck nx time) but to ask u 2 give her a big hug from me on her birthday as obv. I'm down here in Cov until

Cheers, luv fbX

LazyJames - Sun May 18 15:08:40 2003
That must be why I have such grace and poise...

Phil - Sun May 18 15:05:01 2003
Does everyone know that James did Ballet when he was younger??? I think its important EVERYONE knows

Richie - Wed May 14 16:04:42 2003
Phil, Whatever. You ski with your legs apart. To clarify this - look at the pictures.


johnybravo - Fri May 2 22:16:38 2003
is john there

Elspeth - Sun Apr 27 13:54:43 2003
I HATE revision..... can you tell how bored I am...??? Have fun in Malvern James. At least you have no more exams.

LazyJames - Wed Apr 9 21:50:32 2003
Hey Lorna, I'm good :-) Well I have a boring 5000 word assignment to do but I've just come back from a skiing holiday and today I bought a car (I haven't picked it up yet) so in general things are great! Yay!

I'm going to be in Edinburgh on Saturday for about a week (I'll probably go to Arran the following weekend) so I should see you then...

Lorna - Wed Apr 9 14:35:11 2003
Hello James, I am very bored, how are you?

Ella - Tue Apr 8 20:53:46 2003
RE: March 13th plaster on finger answer 5...not an atrocious accident fighting off a marauding basking shark, but a heart rendering duel with a washing up bowl and a knife out for blood. I went in bravely, hand plunging into the warm frothy water but alas it was too devious for me and dealt a sudden blow to the bendy bit of my finger...Hope that clears things up for you. like the snowy pictures, why the lack of snowmen?

Phil - Mon Apr 7 12:29:58 2003
I am emotionally hurt and frailed to see that I have been shown in the skiing photos with my legs apart. To further clarify this - I never ski with my legs apart - I was simply avoiding hurting a small child who was a terrible skier in front of me - who i then saved from falling - richie you owe me one for that now!!!! I am hoping to try for an olympic gold at the next winter games.

Phil xx

Richie - Sun Apr 6 00:27:23 2003
Hi Jimbo,

Desperate to see skiing pics. Can't believe you are taking so long about it!

Get a move on.



Richie - Wed Mar 19 15:29:26 2003
Behave yourself Lorna. Lorna..................................... behave yourself

LazyJames - Tue Mar 18 17:22:49 2003
Hmmm... I might have to censor it first!

Lorna - Tue Mar 18 17:07:57 2003
James, are you going to put the picture that I drew up on your website???

Richie - Sun Mar 16 16:24:41 2003
Hi James,

I have decided to part with my lectures on Friday to venture down for this fantastic meal. Better be good.
Do you know what time we are eating. I know you suggeted that I ring home but I have little money and I guess you probably know. I should be able to get down for 8.00. Even if you have started the meal I can still join you.

Good stuff.

Your messaging thingy is a great distraction from my assignments.



LazyJames - Sat Mar 15 21:24:31 2003
Hi Ruth! I'm doing alright, just busy writing my dissertation before going home for the easter hols.

Have fun up north, the weather's gorgeous in Edinburgh at the moment.

James xx

Ruth (Aunty) - Sat Mar 15 19:58:30 2003
Remeber me?
I am still alive and hope you are too ??!!. Going to our house in NW Scotland tomorrow until Friday (have a week off work.
Like the web site. See you soon??
Love Ruth XX

LazyJames - Thu Mar 13 20:11:34 2003
Hey Rich, you're best phoning Lynne as I think they were going to book somewhere, a repeat sounds good to me though! I'm just off out for another birthday meal, this one shared with Simon and James Mackenzie... hmmm... fooood :-)

Richie - Thu Mar 13 19:27:32 2003

I'm really sorry but I definately can NOT come down on the 21st because I have an important dissection on the Friday which I really should be attending. (On the female genital tract in case you are interested). I am not sure if you have already made solid plans, but is there any possibility of waiting until the Friday or having a repeat? Infact, a repeat sounds really good!

Let us know,


P.S. I will definately be coming down on the Friday because I need to bring loads of my stuff back from Uni.

Richie - Thu Mar 13 19:10:29 2003
I will be venturing down on the Friday. Give me some more details like times and I will make sure that I am there for all the munchies and fun.

P.S. Yes. Some might say I've cracked, but not recently.

LazyJames - Thu Mar 13 10:57:09 2003
Rich: Are you going to be able to come down for me and Rosie's meal on Thursday 20th March? Princess Di is coming too!

LazyJames - Thu Mar 13 10:56:17 2003
I see Richard has finally cracked... the exam stress is obviously getting to him!

(...although it's not actually making him do any work as he seems to be spending all his time on this message board!)

Richie - Thu Mar 13 10:31:22 2003

I love you.


Richie - Thu Mar 13 10:30:55 2003

It would be lovely to see both yourself and your smelly dog in the near future

LOL Richie

Richie - Thu Mar 13 10:29:18 2003
Ella, Why exactly do you have a plaster on your finger?

1) Vigorous exam writing
2) Endless hours on the new tablet
3) James
4) Another ridiculous injury very much directly linked with James
5) Non of the above (Please give explanation)

As you can see, it really upsets me to think that you are up there in Edinburgh and I am down here in Newcastle and at the end of the day there is no way I can help with the pain of the this nightmare of a situation. Ella. Your pain is my pain. Its good to share these things. Ella. Everythings going to be OK. You can cry on my shoulder any day.

Best of luck with the recovery,

All my sympathy,


Richie - Thu Mar 13 10:22:04 2003
Yes Elspeth, but your dog has... What shall we call it?..... a special smell.

ella - Tue Mar 11 17:23:38 2003
my spellong/grammar is alwyas like this, but have a plaster on my finger which is making it worse. oh dear. am now turning into another 'too much time' person wrting messages! argh! it's additictive ...or catching...

LazyJames - Tue Mar 11 17:21:36 2003
I think Ella's lack of spelling and grammar ability has something to do with the 2 hour architectual history exam she just sat!

ella - Tue Mar 11 17:19:57 2003
so many people seem to have too much time on their hands to be posting so manmy comments on message board. :-p...

Elspeth again... - Tue Mar 11 16:44:51 2003
Oh and click on Bru above to see him (don't worry he doesn't smell through the computer!)

Elspeth - Tue Mar 11 16:40:54 2003
By the way of course my dog still smells, he's a dog! Therefore he smells OF DOG! :o) But I love him anyway.

Elspeth - Tue Mar 11 16:39:29 2003
The colour change definitely had nothing to do with me! As if James ever listens/ed to anything I say! But hi Rich anyway, hope life's going well and all that. Maybe see you sometime.

LazyJames - Mon Mar 10 20:35:41 2003
Hey Rich

The change in colour definitely had nothing to do with Elspeth! I just fancied a change :-)

Sorry about your car, how much is that going to cost?! You're obviously very bored, perhaps you like to read all of the EUMC Chat Page as well!

Richie - Mon Mar 10 20:22:43 2003
James, Don't judge me with the knowledge that I just read the entire message board! It sickens me that you have collapsed under Elspeths pressure in respect of the websites colour. James, we are going to have to have a discussion about your general approach to life.


P.S. The ******** at my halls have clamped my car. There arn't enough asterickses? in the world to describe my anger!

Richie - Mon Mar 10 20:10:03 2003

Does your dog still smell?


Richie (your brother) - Mon Mar 10 20:08:50 2003
Many happy return for the other day James. Hope you enjoyed the cake. All my love to your friends, especially to the princess.

(To Ellas parents - you can almost guarentee that James will lead your daughter astray. Although, on reflection, it is becoming increasingly apparent that things may not be as they seem. We may have to consider the alternative of Ella leading James astray. We shall have to keep an eye on that one.)

Lots of love to the Edinburgh crue.


LazyJames - Mpn Mar 10 00:01:38 2003
Cheers (although it finished one minute ago now :-P ). Oh, and Es and Erica made me a cake :-D

Elspeth - Sun Mar 9 19:04:55 2003
Anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY :o)

LazyJames - Tue Mar 4 21:33:45 2003
Yes, but as you only had one walking axe, 'supposedly out for a walk' is fairly accurate :-)

elspeth - Tue Mar 4 19:47:19 2003
quote: "my previous girlfriend, Elspeth, managed to fall almost the entire length of Stob Coire nan Lochan in Glencoe while supposedly 'out for a walk' "

LazyJames - Tue Mar 4 09:50:20 2003
No worries Andrew, I went to see you last term at the (now sadly burned down) La Belle Angel and thought you were excellent.

I've been really pleased with that camera, although it's bit big to take winter climbing really!

Maybe see you on wednesday??

andrew - Tue Mar 4 02:49:33 2003
er.. sorry i thought you were at fridays gig.. im such a fool.. ah well, permission to laugh granted, tee hee.
but you still gotta come along to the bongo club at 10pm to support amnesty international , buy some groovy things and also get drunk and dance the night away with the opposite sex.

andrew - Mon Mar 3 16:14:07 2003
hey! glad you liked the music an show on friday was a good crowd of 60 peeps to see us + 140 overall.. we are playing again on wedensday the 5th at the bongo club for amnesty international. there will be 3 more local bands / djs and stalls.
get your ass down. :)
bring some friends too cos the more money we raise the better!! and there is a bar - need i say more ?
cheers again !
and you website is cool. cool picks.. had saved up for a EOS 3 but spent 600 on speakers - thought i'd get better use outa them than a camera. but am savin up for a nikon coolpix 5700 ( hopefully ) to take to iceland in summer.
see yas!

James - Sun Mar 2 12:05:13 2003
Hi Norman and Eunice, good to hear from you again... Dad's just booked a week in Tignes, this time for the whole crowd (Mike, Lynne, Rosie + boyfriend, Richard Philip and me). We're off on the 28th March to Le Lavachet. Yay :-)

Norman & Eunice - Sun Mar 2 08:18:02 2003
Just a quick Hi, we were in Tignes with Raymond & Anne Marie in January and are of to the three valleys on Saturday with family. Give our regards to the everyone

Ellas real mother - Thu Feb 27 20:33:52 2003
great site , great photos makes derby look dull, especially like the parental input! but you are obviously not looking after my daughter!!yes I Know she has legs like bambi, and should reall y tucked up in front of a warm fire not falling down streams and spending nights in hospital
Ps thanks louise ( whoever you are ) for looking after my 'ikleElla,

Elspeth - Sun Feb 16 19:54:15 2003
Well for what it's worth I like the new design.

ella's mother - Fri Jan 31 12:45:26 2003
ella ring home right now, i want you to stop seeing that james! hes turning you in to a dirty stop out!!!

LazyJames - Thu Jan 30 13:04:23 2003
Miranda: It's always worth printing out the latest avalanche forcast (Category 3 at the moment). As for weather, there's a whole load of links on the EUMC links page but I don't really know which are best.

I also don't know where to find out if the road has been opened - if it's still shut and we go to Glen Clova then we definitely don't need to take climbing gear. Maybe give us an e-mail on friday morning when you know where we're going...

miranda - Thu Jan 30 12:17:23 2003
Hmmm...James, Im not sure about the climbing potential at' sounds like the wind chill is going to be horrendous and there is going to be lots of strong might have to take people on a walk...Doh...what do you reckon about wether sit?....the road might be closed anyway...

LazyJames - Mon Jan 27 22:33:49 2003
Once again I have just spoken to a very embarrassed Ella! I think we definitely need to encourage more posts from random family members, that's if they don't get dragged away by the TREE people anyway...

uncle craig bannister. that is ella not spewy tom. - Mon Jan 27 19:38:30 2003
let other poets raise a fracas
'bout vines, an' wines, an' drucken Bacchus,
an' crabbit names an' stories wrack us,
an' grate our lug:
i sing the juice Scotch bear can make us,
in glass or jug.
easy ella, the lord howard will be really worried when he sees you surrounded by dudes on table 5.
no fear george BUSH will be stopped by his relatives the TREE people.

Ella's Dad - Fri Nov 29 13:19:20 2002
Hope your not leading my daughter astray

LazyJames - Tue Oct 29 10:36:21 2002
Well... I spotted this last comment a while ago but thought it might be someone messing around. Ella turning bright red when I told her about it suggested that it really is her dad so...
Hi Ella's dad :-)

Ella's Dad - Mon Oct 21 21:55:32 2002
Hope your not leading my daughter astray

You don't know us but.... - Fri Oct 11 12:58:39 2002
We just happened to stumble across your site and felt it was our civic duty to join in the colour campaign. Yes it is poo coloured but at least you have proof that some other persons looked at your site. Thats all for now.

LazyJames - Tue Sep 24 15:27:20 2002
Yes, you can't really be off topic when no-one is sending any messages :-\

Anyway, I just had a cool holiday so I don't care :-)

ooomg - Fri Sep 20 13:17:28 2002
there hasnt been a post since july 7th

heheheeeee - Fri Sep 20 13:15:46 2002
james...i still have that video of you falling of that ickle ickle wall at my 7th birthday party.
your ever evil cousin, claire :D
sorry ppl...this is totally off-topic and stuff but im bored

Norman & Eunice - Sun Jul 7 17:46:19 2002
At this point we hear your excuse but will continue to browse with anticipation.
It looks like, as we witness at Easter it's Philip or Dad to the rescue again.

LazyJames - Sun Jul 7 09:57:09 2002
Hi guys, I'm afraid that my clever digital camera switched itself on in my bag and ran out of battery power. So I do have a valid excuse... no really :-)

I think Philip or Dad may have more photos and if I get the chance I'll scan them in and put them up as well. Good to hear from you anyway!

Norman & Eunice - Fri Jul 5 17:55:32 2002
We were disappointed that there was no photos of the real skiers in Meribel easter 2002 or no mention of the very nice people that had to put up with you for a week!!!!!!!
We look forward to your explanation.

RugbyJames - Thu Jun 20 20:30:45 2002
Hey James, long time no see. Thought I'd see how the site was going and I'm v. impressed, climbing pics look great. Anyway speak to you soon. J

O'Kanes - Tue Apr 9 21:30:08 2002
Hi James! Had a quick browse and a few laughs. Poor Elspeth! What a string of photos. I suppose you're like ourselves , back to reality! Have a great summer term, Anne-Marie

Jed - Mon Feb 11 23:37:39 2002
They're right about the colour you know ...

LazyJames - Thu Feb 7 23:02:35 2002
If you like Oli, I've got a pretty fast internet connection so there's no problem with sending me (reasonably) big files!

Oli Batley - Thu Feb 7 20:05:47 2002
i have just scanned some more photos from aberdour (yes its ages ago) do you want me to send them to you?

LazyJames - Sat Jan 26 16:53:11 2002
Cheers for pointing that out Lorna - I've fixed it now.

Lorna - Sat Jan 26 15:52:23 2002
James, lunch break no. 1 is not working and I want to send it home to my Mum!

LazyJames - Thu Jan 17 21:18:00 2002
Threads: I might do them when I have a bit more spare time!
Cheers for the comments and suggestion though Bungle.
Ginger and Jo did Deliverance that day but I had enough trouble just getting to the start of the dino!

bungle - Thu Jan 17 21:02:27 2002
nice site james and nice piccies too
the stanage old eumc ones are good
did ginger and anyone else do deliverance because i can't and twisted my ankle after falling off bollocks eh?
are we going to start threads in a rocktalk/ manner?

Elspeth - Wed Jan 16 18:26:28 2002
I'd just like to state for the record that although I may not be the biggest fan of the site's colour, I think the content is REALLY good (especially the page about my dog :-) !)

Tessa - Wed Jan 16 11:24:54 2002
good site james the pictures are great

Tessa - Wed Jan 16 11:24:19 2002
good pictures james, ht esunset at aberdour is amazing

Oliver Sherman - Tue Jan 15 23:43:56 2002
Well I think the site is great. I particularly enjoyed looking at pictures of myself (but then who doesn't) and it has helped me realise that I really don't want to got to this much trouble to post my pics on the web. Visit (LazyJames: link no longer works) for a laugh - could be a real site one day, who knows.

me - Tue Jan 15 19:44:29 2002
maybe it's more mud that turd

Elspeth - Mon Jan 14 23:38:31 2002
James - it's cheating to fill up your own message board with messages to yourself. I'm sure people can be paid to post messages if you're that desperate :-)
And it IS turd coloured.

: - Mon Jan 14 16:43:23 2002

LazyJames - Mon Jan 14 16:37:26 2002
Hehe, my skills are far superior to Ian's!

Ian - Mon Jan 14 16:34:09 2002
The brown colour is horrible. :

Ian - Mon Jan 14 16:32:11 2002
I'm just here to laugh at James' "order problems" while writing messages that I hope will confuse it further... ~@:;#// ()&&&%$!!

LazyJames - Mon Jan 14 16:32:09 2002
Okay - fixed it once and for all - my fault entirely though!

LazyJames - Mon Jan 14 16:22:19 2002
Seems I spoke too soon... I just don't understand!

LazyJames - Mon Jan 14 16:19:52 2002
Haha, it's in the right order now - with the more recent messages at the top :-)
Cheers Oli for the colour support - it seems Elspeth is on a mission!

LazyJames - Mon Jan 14 16:19:26 2002
Haha, it's in the right order now - with the more recent messages at the top :-)
Cheers Oli for the colour support - it seems Elspeth is on a mission!

Oli Batley - Mon Jan 14 13:50:24 2002
wow looks like more than three people have been to the site! i think that the colour is alright, not too turd like anyway.

LazyJames - Mon Jan 14 11:54:48 2002
Actually, they're in reverse order at the moment???
It's not poo coloured and I like it.. so ner :-)

LazyJames - Mon Jan 14 11:49:50 2002
I'm trying to work out why these aren't in order... grrr!

Jamie - Mon Jan 14 11:36:20 2002
Its still poo coloured! (But very impressive)

Elspeth - Mon Jan 14 11:31:20 2002
PS Anyone else think the brown colour is horrible? Let's start a "change the colour" campaign...

Elspeth - Mon Jan 14 11:29:15 2002
Just thought I'd try and make it look like at least one person reads your website :-)

LazyJames - Sun Jan 13 21:55:16 2002
Hello everyone, you can now use this message board.

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