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Standard Search

The standard search can be found on the Photo Page. To use it simply enter a word or several words separated by spaces and the search engine will return all photo and directory records which have all of the words anywhere in the record.

You can use this to check for people, dates or places of photos but you may find that you get a lot of results back or very few, if this is the case then you should use the Advanced Search described below.

Advanced Search

This search allows you to be more specific in your search criteria. Here you can again enter one or several words separated by spaces. This time, if you leave the 'Match All Words' checkbox checked, the search will only return records that match all of the words entered rather than any of the words entered (i.e. it does: (word1 AND word2 AND...) rather than (word1 OR word2 OR...).

With the advanced search you can also specify which fields you want to search, this can useful if you are looking for photos containing specific people (just have 'people' selected) or in certain places (just have 'place' selected). If you only want to search for only individual photos or text in a directory (group) of photos then simply uncheck all the boxes for the bit that you don't want to search.


If you are still having problems then please note that I have tried as far as possible to include surnames when describing who is in a photo so you could use this to narrow down a search. Similiarly I have also tried to include common nicknames as well christian names (e.g. (Blonde) Tom Holdsworth) so searching for nicknames may work.

If you are looking for photos of a specific person and no results are showing up then it's possible that I didn't know, couldn't remember or simply forgot to enter your name when I uploaded the photo. I might also have mis-spelt your name, if this is the case then searching by place or other people who might also be in the photo may turn up what you're looking for. If this happens then please tell me of any errors so that I can correct them!

Any other problems or any points that should be added to this help page then please e-mail:

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