Hot Rock in Africa - Namibia

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Fish River Canyon

This amazing canyon just drops away is definitely worth a visit

View of Fish River Canyon

View of Fish River Canyon

Some of the group at Fish River Canyon

Reuban building a tower!

Leopard Park

We stayed in a small campsite near the Fish River Canyon where we were allowed to go into a leopard cage while they were fed. There was also some very tame Mir Cats!

A leopard feeding

A leopard

A mir cat relaxing in the sun!

That's how tame they are!

Giant's Playground

The Giant's Playground is a collection of piles of rocks arranged in all sort of unlikely shapes

Lots of people stood on the top of rocks

More people stood on the top of rocks at sunset

New Crag

We found a new crag fairly near the road which head from Fish River Canyon to Swakopmund

We tried to get the truck up to the crags but it got stuck!

This is the first of the crags that we found, I did a new HVS up the middle face, across to the huge slanting break and right at the top of the break.

The other (bigger) new cliff where a couple of guys put up a new HVS/E1 up the obvious buttress on the right. I did the second ascent.

The Desert

We went to the Namib Desert on the Skeleton Coast where there are huge, 100m high, sand dunes.

A gorge near the dunes

A gorge near the dunes

Sunrise over the desert

A huge dune, over 100m high

More dunes


Spitzberg has huge towers of granite surrounded by flat sandy plains

A huge natural arch with some under it to show the scale

Sunset at Spitzberg

Etosha Game Reserve

Before leaving Namibia we went to Etosha Game Reserve in the north of the country.

Zebra drinking at a waterhole

A buffalo

A giraffe (as if you didn't know!)

A vulture in a tree

Elephants drinking at a waterhole