L.A.V. (Little Amphibious Vehicle):

This summer I have mostly been making scary machines :-)

Click on the links below to look at some pictures:

Here's us assembling the vehicle from the side and the back.

We found this conveniently shaped nose cone (you can see the internal chasis on this as well, plus a very messy worktop!).

We had to make this motor mount which slides into the body and we also made two of these tracks from scratch (that's about 1m long BTW).

And here's a picture of the (almost) finished beast - think the Mole off Thunder birds! We did have some problems lifting it!

We then had a few problems, after some constructive input from Penny we decided that we didn't have enough power and added some slightly bigger batteries!

At first these worked well until one of the gears in side the motor broke. After somehow finding another, we put it all back together. Then clouds of black smoke started coming out of it and we realised that one of the motors had burnt out.

Anyway, it was fun trying so here's one cheesy photo, and another, of James with the finished (but broken) machine.

This very crap page was written by James Wells, 9th September 2001 and is hosted on LazyJames.co.uk